Brief Introduction

RYCHIP semiconductor Inc., abbreviated as RYCHIP, has focused on research and development, design, package and testing, and sales of power management chips, which is a self-owned brand power management chip company at the top of the market segment. RYCHIP gives priority to DC-DC chips and in the meantime covers protection chips, charging management chips, LDO chips, LED driver chips, motor driver chips, PMU chips, reset chips and other series of power management chips. Among them, DC-DC chips have entered into the supply chain system which has numerous high-quality terminal customers and occupied a high markertmarket share in the market segment with outstanding market competitiveness.

RYCHIP has more than 1400 types of chips for sale, including more than 450 types of DC-DC chips, which supports multiple voltage and current conversion, multiple swithcingswitching frequencies, various functional modes and various package forms and can be widely applied in network communication, security monitoring, intelligent power, consumer electronics, intelligent lighting, industrial control, medical instruments, automotive electronics and many other fields.


RYCHIP has R&D center in Chengdu, Shanghai and Shaoxing and meanwhile has established System Lab and TAC center in Chengdu and Shanghai. RYCHIP has experienced research and technical support engineers and the core technology team has been deeply engaged in the filed of power management chips for nearly 20 years with rich experiences in chip design and outstanding technical strengths.

Qualification and Certification

RYCHIP strictly implemented quality management, environment management and occupational health management in accordance with International Standard Systems: ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001-2011, OHSAS18001:2007. Apart from this, RYCHIP also has foreign Business Trade Qualification, Entry-exit and Quarantine Inspection Record, Custom Declaration Registration Certificate, Brand Registration Certificate and etc. The whole series of products are in line with Power IC testing and application specifications of China, North America and European Union. RYCHIP has obtained National High-tech Enterprise Certification, Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone Young Eagle Enterprise Certification, Sichuan Integrity Demonstration Enterprise Certification and etc. In 2019, RYCHIP is valued by Deloitte, one of the world’s four largest accounting firms, as ranking 26th among the Top 50 Growing High-tech Enterprises in China and 4th among the Top 20 Growing High-tech Enterprises in Chengdu.

Production and Manufacture

RYCHIP started the construction of package and testing production line and reliability testing center in 2019, which were officially put into operation in 2020 and then reached monthly production capacity of hundreds of millions of pieces in 2021, providing customers with guarantee for capacity as well as in-time delivery.

Industry Application

RYCHIP provides high performance, high reliability and high integration of power management chips and overall solutions for worldwide customers. Products are widely used in network communication, security monitoring, intelligent power, consumer electronics and other downstream industries. Among them, high-integration multi-channel power management products provide multi-functional, manageable, high-density, low cost and overall power management solutions for those products applied in various industries.

Partner and Customer

Recently, RYCHIP's products have entered into the supply chain system which has numerous high-quality terminal customers and RYCHIP has formed abundant top customer resources in network communication, security monitoring, consumer electronics, intelligent lighting, industrial control and other market segments. RYCHIP has cooperated with ZTE, Skyworth, TP-LINK, Unionman, Star-net, FOXCONN, etc. in network communication, Hikvision, Dahua, EZVIZ, etc. in security monitoring, Smart Chip, TOPSKY, TOPSCOMM, Willfar, etc. in intelligent power, Anker Innovations, Narwal, SharkNinja, etc. in consumer electronics, KLITE, CETHIK, etc. in intelligent lighting and DWIN, DAHAO, etc. in industrial control.

In the meantime, RYCHIP carries out deep cooperation with domestic and international wafer manafacturing companies and package and testing companies, and keeps innovating and making breakthroughs in the field of wafer technology and package and testing technology, in order to provide customers with products and solutions which have higher quality, higher performance, higher efficiency, lower power consumption and cost.